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Whistler Scanners

This Whistler ws1040 is a new, digital-based police scanner that is dandy for use and fire unprotected vehicles, with its digital read examiner feature and 1" lumen led light, Whistler ws1040 handheld is designed to save lives. The Whistler ws1040 effortless to set up and forget how to protect yourself, this scanner can automatically determine the location of any fires and start reading registries and logs right away. The Whistler ws1040 is in like manner sterling for portable fires, and can be used to detect small appliances and tools in stores and malls, with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that you're getting a terrific value on this high-quality scanner.

Whistler WS1040 Handheld  Radio
Antenna 7/800mhz P25 Digital Reception


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Whistler Scanner

The Whistler scanner is superb for scanning local information or photos, it is reliable and straightforward to use, and imparts a big screen for screen viewing. The Whistler ws1025 is an 200-channel desktop analog radio scanner that is tested no antennas, this scanner is prime for testing desktop analog radio scanner performance. The whistle pup scanner is a high-quality, digital, handheld scanner that allows police officers to track down criminals and other important information, this intelligent tool can interact with dodging tap and pinch data, so you can keep your time spent on the phone minimal. The Whistler digital trunking scanner is top-quality for when you need to review a crime scene or when you are hunting for new leads in a case, the scanner can identify different types of tape, such as stills and video, and automatically finds leads that match.