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Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner

If you're digging for a powerful, Portable scanner that can handle biz sales, the Vupoint solutions Magic Wand is an outstanding choice, with a wlan and purse option, this tool biz sales fast, basic and reliable.

With Auto-feed Dock Pdsdk-st470-vp

Magic Wand Portable Scanner with

By VuPoint Solution


Blue W/ Screen

Vupoint Portable Scanner

The Vupoint Portable scanner is a first-rate choice for finding family history and bones throughout the fossil record, the pen-like scanner gives an accuracy of 1 and is capable of reading pdsdk-st470-vp. The Magic Wand scanner is a portable, scanner that uses Vupoint energy to read text and data, the Wand is able to read both text and data in a variety of unknown sources formats, making it an ideal tool for modern security and data analysis. The Vupoint Wand scanner is a top-of-the-line tool for finding in scans, it includes an automatic feed dock for basic scanning. The Wand as well basic to operate and extends a wide range of helpful features, the Vupoint Magic Wand handheld Portable scanner model pds-st415 r-vp is an outstanding handheld scanner for your creative needs. It provides a sleek, modern design with a black finish, the Wand is basic to handle and renders a fast scanning speed of up to 20 pages per minute. It also offers a backlight that makes it practical for use in dark environments, the Wand scanner grants a memory feature which allows you to save your scans to the wand's memory. Additionally, the Wand can be used as a still image scanner as well as a moving image scanner.