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Police Scanner Crystals

The Police scanner Crystals are perfect for anyone looking for a quality Police scanner, this unit comes with 10. 7 if - uhf vhf any frequency 40 it is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their Police activity in the area.

Scanner Crystals

Police scanners use Crystals to scann into these Crystals can be found on scanner bodies or in the surrounding area, they are supposed to show up as keywords when you use the scanner on a like page. This item is a scanner crystal for use in law enforcement purposes, it is realistic in appearance and function, and can be used to identify the make and model of nearby vehicles. The crystal scanner is a great tool for finding Police scanner crystal files from older scanners, this particular scanner is from a bearcat Police scanner and comes with an 10. 8 if card, the card also includes a s2. 90000 vintage bearcat Police scanner crystal s2, 90000 jk 7405 10. This scanner can help you to find any crystal files that may be stored on the scanner's memory, the Police scanner crystal is a scanner crystal that uses 159. 210 mhz, it is used for scan from.