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800 Mhz Trunking Scanner

The 800 Mhz band is becoming more and more important, it is now being used for radios and equipment, as well as air traffic control. The 800 Mhz band has 30+ channels, so it can handle most equipment types, the trunk tracker scanner has an 2050 series bandwidth rating and can handle 300 channels. It is the perfect tool for the high-end store.

800 Mhz Digital Scanner

The radio shack pro-95 dual Trunking 800 Mhz handheld scanner is perfect for scanning large quantities of material, with its 2000 scan lines and 95 channels, it is perfect for any commercial or personal scanner needs. The uniden d p25 phase 1 digital Trunking scanner is perfect for area security and law enforcement, with its 800 Mhz frequency it is available in both single and multi-car models, making it perfect for rapid response purposes. The scanner also includes a built in camera for video monitoring and tracking, the radio shack pro-91 Trunking scanner is a great choice for those looking for a power tool. It has an 1-inch scan speed and can handle parts that large, the scanner also has an 10-page report code guide and an 12-page data record guide. The radio shack pro-95 dual Trunking 800 Mhz scanner is perfect for scanning document into 1000 channels, the scanner has a fast speed of 0. 7 milliseconds and supports multiple antennas for better scanning performance, the scanner also has a gigabyte of user manual and knowledge base.